Process Querying combines concepts from Big Data and Process Modeling and Analysis with Business Process Intelligence and Process Analytics to study techniques for retrieving and manipulating models of processes, both real-world and envisioned, to systematically organize and extract process-related information for subsequent use.

PhD Opportunities

The Business Process Management Discipline, Information Systems School, Science & Engineering Faculty, of the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, is looking for prospective candidates who are willing to undergo PhD studies on the topics of process querying and process model repair. More information on the available PhD topics can be found here:

The process of applying for a PhD position is as follows:

  1. Upon your request, we send you an entry test.
  2. If your test outcome is satisfactory, we schedule an interview.
  3. If your interview outcome is satisfactory, we offer you a PhD position.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via contact [at] processquerying [dot] com.